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Aquaria Beach Resort in Calatagan, Batangas

Posted by Arjay Abellera,  April 19, 2013


A beach resort in Calatagan, Batangas recently opened to serve people who want to experience beach bumming at the same time enjoying the amenities they offer. The beach resort I’m pertaining to is Aquaria, a new place added in Playa Calatagan operated by Landco Pacific Corporation.


The vibrant color of summer!


Welcome to Aquaria!


I was browsing online one boring afternoon at work and found out about the resort. I informed some of my workmates and then we started planning. The beach resort was opened as an amenity to their condominium Nautilius. A Facebook fan page is available however some information like directions, amenities and activities were not properly shown. The resort is located at Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas and just had a soft opening last December 2012.


Reception Hall’s Lounge.


Reception hall.


One of the cottages.


With the little knowledge about the directions going to Calatagan, we trusted our navigation together with our driver and after about 2 1/2 to 3 hours on the road, we reached Calatagan, Batangas. The operation hours of the resort run from 9am to 6pm and we were checked in as early as 8AM since a company outing will be taking place on that day and the reception were already available at 8. Entrance fee for adults is 400 and for kids lower than 4 feet will be charged by 250. Tables and chairs can also be rented and prices depends whether you want it to be under the tree or in the tent. We chose the first.


Kiddie pool.


Who’s that kid?


The reception hall is very comfy from the first look with couches to sit on while other members of your group transact at the counter. The resort has 5 pools. The first pool nearest to the entrance is for kids having fountains and tubes which continuously sprinkle water. The second one is at 5ft. Separated by a bridge; the next one has an infinity pool flowing down to the next one. The largest among the pools is the last one where a 3-storey high slide was installed. The depth of the water is at 6ft near the drop off point of the slide.




And slide!


Of course, we didn’t let the opportunity to try the big slide! In order to try it, you need to queue on the line since a number of people were there on that day who wants to try it. The tube you’ll going to ride on is for 2 persons. Lifeguards are all around to monitor guests. They also check the proper attire in swimming. The resort is very strict when it comes to the swimming attire.


Lost? Not a problem here.




For the accommodation, cottages are available just at the sides of the swimming pools with prices starting from 1500 for whole day. They also have a restaurant where you can try their meals. Their halo-halo is a bit pricey at 99 having only jelly, pinipig, ube, leche flan, kaong and nata as ingredients.


The very spacious shower room!




Large mirrors.


What I praised about the resort is their comfort rooms and shower areas. Large mirrors were installed and the cubicles are well maintained. The shower area is so nice and wide with a chair inside of it.


Additional Comments:
1. Hammock is added to the table and chairs under the tree.
2. A kayak is offered by the resort for free although it’s only one and will be shared among the guests who want to try kayaking.
3. Aquaria doesn’t have banana boats and kayak for rent. Rents for banana boat, kayak, volleyball and futsal are available at the nearby resort. However, the receptions for the water activities of that resort were rude and didn’t undergo training in properly accommodating guests. Before our banana boat ride, two members of our group went to the CR. A crew of that resort (not Aquaria) asked them why they’re using their CR since we didn’t check in to their resort (she saw the tag that was put on our wrist when we checked in to Aquaria) and insisted that they should have used the CR of Aquaria instead. My friend answered that we availed their banana boat. They let them use the comfort rooms by saying rudely that next time they should be using Aquaria’s.
4. Aquaria doesn’t imposed corkage fee. So you can bring all the food you want!
5. They also accommodate team building and company outings.


The resort is closing and we’re still inside. LOL.


1. Take SLEX and take Sta. Rosa exit.
2. Drive until Tagaytay Rotunda.
3. Continue driving through the Nasugbu Hiway.
4. When you reach Shell Gas Station, turn left.
5. Drive through the Calatagan Hiway passing through Matabungkay, Lago De Oro and Punta Baluarte.
6. When you reach Calatagan proper, signage are already available that will direct you to Aquaria in Playa Calatagan.


A Sunday getaway with workmates.



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