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Pugo Adventure, a Summer Getaway in La Union

Posted by Arjay Abellera,  March 30, 2013


Temperature is getting hotter since summer is fast approaching. The question is, are you ready for it? These are the months when everyone finds a way to cool down the scorching feeling of summer; halo-halos are everywhere, ice cream vendors hitting the roads, and of course finding a resort or beach for a great dipping. On your way to Baguio City, an adventure slash resort is located in Pugo, La Union. Famously known as Pugad, Pugo Adventure is definitely a place for summer. Aside from the revitalizing pool waters, they also offer extreme adventure activities such as ziplines, wall climbing and rappelling and others. Check my separate post here.


I envied the kid! Unfortunately I forgot to bring my boardshorts, strict swimming attire is implemented.


The resort is for everyone, from kids to the young at hearts. It has 6 swimming pools at regular sizes, from a foot to the deepest of 8 feet. The resort was divided into 3 areas connected by 2 hanging bridges. The first area includes their restaurant that serves rice toppings and different soups; their grotto and 2 swimming pools.


Hanging bridges connecting the areas of the resort.


Colorful interior of their restaurant.


Grotto for spiritual purposes.


Witty and colorful birds.


Peacocks, “Cheesecake” a Burmese python, bear-cats and another python.


The second area which I think is the largest among the three has 3 swimming pools together with their Wildlife Sanctuary having different species of birds, 2 pythons and bear-cats. You can also see an Igorot hut in the middle of the area which was installed by the resort owner as per the staff I’ve talked to. A wishing well, grilling area and a function hall are also available on this part of the resort, a nice place for seminars and team building activities.


Grilling area.


Igorot hut.


Cool 2-floor cottages.


PUGAD’s function hall.


1, 2, 3 dive!


Wish upon a well.


Another pool for the kids.




The last area of the resort was made for kids. It has a swimming pool having a very colorful centerpiece slides and fountains. A children’s park is also available near the pool: a slide and a carousel. The management is adding another attraction when I got there, a bump boat similar to the bump car although it will be on the water of course. Cottages at different sizes are available to cater groups at different sizes. The Php150 entrance fee for kids and Php200 for adults is worth it for the different attractions you can check and the refreshing feeling with your visit.


Children’s park.



Sitio Kagaling, Palina, Pugo, La Union
pugoadventure@yahoo.com / info@pugoadventure.com
Contact Nos.: 0917-506-6931/0947-950-0441
Open From  8:00AM to 7:00PM



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